About Us
Alabasi Construction was founded in 1996, and has grown from a small construction contractor to a large firm now performing several million dollars worth of construction on an annual basis. Alabasi Construction, Inc. has delivered quality, leadership, responsiveness and customer service with every construction project. Starting with renovation of existing properties and developing into one of the area’s top builders of single family homes, Alabasi now completes more than 80 houses each year.

Alabasi Construction strives to build quality construction projects according to their original specifications, on time and in budget. Architectural craftsmanship, engineering, integrity, honesty, and quality workmanship are what we have built our reputation on. To deliver on these values, we rely on our wealth of experience. The Alabasi team has more than 60 years of combined experience in the construction of new homes, single and multi-family family residences, townhouses and high-rise condominiums. We have been involved in all facets of the industry including demolition, underground utilities, installation, and roadway construction. Our story has been written by our valued customers and the team that serves them!