Project List
Hough Homes
Alabasi was responsible for building 48 new single-family, lease- purchase homes on scattered sites located primarily in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland. Each home was completed employing our standard “smart” energy design, which includes proper insulation, low E windows, Energy Star appliances and high efficiency heating and cooling systems. The Cleveland
Housing Network (CHN) and the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) acted as the Developer(s) and Matt Solomon of City Architecture, Inc. was the project architect. These homes were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.
Stockyard Homes
Alabasi constructed 18 new single-family, lease-purchase homes on scattered sites throughout the west side of Cleveland for this development. This project was a collaborative effort of CHN, CMHA, Alabasi, and Ron Lloyd of RDL Architects. As with the Hough Homes properties, these energy efficient homes were all completed ahead of schedule and under budget.
Cleveland New Construction IV
This project involves the construction of 22 single family, lease purchase homes on scattered sites, but primarily located in Cleveland’s Glenville and Hough neighborhoods. Project partners for Cleveland New Construction (CNC) IV again include CHN, CHMA, and City Architecture, Inc. On top of our standard high efficiency building methods, Alabasi is utilizing “green” building principles to enhance the beauty, comfort and convenience of the
CNC IV properties. We are using durable building materials from renewable local resources and ones with low toxicity, reducing maintenance and replacement costs over the life of the homes and improving indoor air quality. Our commitment extends to the channeling and recycling of demolition and construction debris from each job site to reduce the environmental impact of our work.
Woodhill Splash Park & Outhwaite Splash Park
These projects, located in the inner-city, low-income housing developments of the same names, were completed in partnership with CMHA, and Irie Kynyk Goss Architects, Inc. In addition to installation of the recreational facilities, Alabasi installed the infrastructure and performed all of the necessary concrete work. Completed in just six weeks each, the parks provide safe, affordable recreation to the residents of their respective underprivileged communities.
Renaissance Homes
Completed in two phases, Renaissance Homes includes 10 high- efficiency, single-family homes in East Cleveland. Similar to Hough Homes, Stockyard Homes, and CNC IV, Alabasi teamed with CHN, CMHA, and City Architecture to complete these custom interior homes.